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Systematic Skin Care and Hand Hygiene

Occupational skin care and hand hygiene have become increasingly important in recent years. The valuable contribution of skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care, as well as hand disinfection to the prevention of occupational skin diseases is now widely recognised.

These means need to be coordinated within a systematic skin care concept. As skin care and hand hygiene specialists, we present our extensive range of dispensers, products and services.

Skin Care and Hand Hygiene: Made in Germany!

100 Years of Success Through Innovation

From enthusiastic beginnings we have developed from a local soap factory to a global operating chemical company in the business segments oleochemical additives and professional skin care.

New Dispensing System for All Kinds of Skin Care Products

With the Variomat Pro and Variomat Pro Touchless, PGP presents a new generation of dispensers that are an essential part of any hand hygiene and skin care concept.

Variomat Pro Touchless is very compact and works without contact while using a capacitive sensor. This has the advantage that it is much more accurate than the familiar infrared sensors. Malfunctions are a thing of the past. It is completely hygienic, as the product does not come into contact with the dispenser, very robust and lockable.

Variomat Pro Touchless is equipped with 1 L collapsible bottles, which has the advantage that products for skin protection and skin cleansing as well as for skin care and hand disinfection are available in this container size. The electronic touchless version will be available in the course of the fourth quarter of 2023.

Variomat Pro is earlier available. It has the same product features but is manually operated and can be equipped with 2 L collapsible bottles as well. Like all PGP dispensers, the two Variomat Pro models also work perfectly under high loads and are extremely economical.

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Renewable Ingredients and Recyclable Materials

PGP took up the challenge of environmentally and socially responsible production early and uses renewable raw materials wherever possible. Today, more than 90 percent of the ingredients used by PGP come from renewable sources. The liquid skin cleanser Ecosan, for example, has been awarded both the prestigious Blue Angel and the EU Ecolabel.

Under the motto "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," PGP is presenting its forward-looking packaging concept at the A+A. In addition to the use of lighter packaging, there is a consistent focus on the circular economy. The aim for all packaging is to be 100% recyclable and recyclates to be used wherever technically feasible.

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"The reduction of waste and the careful use of our natural resources are very close to our hearts!"

All-Round Protection for Outdoor Workers

Many people work regularly or mainly outdoors and are therefore exposed to a significantly increased risk of developing skin cancer. Natural sunlight contains UVA and UVB radiation, which may cause serious skin damage in the long term. In order to avoid permanent damage to health, special protection is required. PGP's UV protection products make a valuable contribution in terms of skin care.

MYXAL® INSECT PROTECT is an insect and tick repellent that combines effectiveness and skin compatibility. The product contains the active ingredient icaridine, which is characterized by both very good efficacy and its skin and material compatibility. In addition to a vaccination against TBE and wearing long protective clothing, MYXAL® INSECT PROTECT offers optimal protection against unwanted insect and tick bites.

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Wide Range of Digital Services

In addition to personal consultations, PGP offers a wide range of digital services consisting of various modules. These include the Hand Care Plan Configurator (, which can be used to create hand care plans online with just a few clicks. The tool is aimed at corporate skin care managers, occupational health practitioners and safety engineers. It is versatile, intuitive to use, can be customised, is always up to date and takes a lot of work off the shoulders of those responsible. A special feature is automatic translation: unmodified texts can be translated by the system into 26 foreign languages. This means that employees from different backgrounds can read and apply the hand care plan correctly, reducing the risk of skin diseases.

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