Effective Protection from Working Materials and Free Radicals

Occupationally extremely stressed hands are in need of comprehensive protection – this is even more necessary if the skin is already overburdened and irritated. The innovative skin protection cream PROTEXSAN protects sensitive or extremely stressed hands in an especially efficient way. The cream does not contain emulsifiers and regenerates the skin‘s barrier because of skin-related ceramides and a new lamellar structure which is similar to the structure of the epidermis. Moreover, the cream uses the antioxidant properties of the natural substance luteolin in order to counteract aggressive oxygen radicals effectively. Additionally, PROTEXSAN does not only protect hands from the working materials they are confronted with in professional everyday life. The luteolin contained also reduces the inflammation risk which is caused by the formation of free radicals.

The natural substance luteolin is won from the medicinal plant Reseda luteola and it is one of the most effective antioxidants in the plant kingdom. Luteolin does not only protect sensitive or extremely stressed skin from free radicals, it also protects the skin from the irritation caused by irritant and potentially allergenic substances. Furthermore, luteolin operates in an anti-inflammatory way, it absorbs UV radiation and it stimulates the formation of collagen.

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From a scientific perspective

Dermatologically Proved Protective Effect of Luteolin

In the course of a project which has been granted by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the department of dermatology at the University of Freiburg developed an innovative skin protection cream containing luteolin. As a result of this project, Prof. Dr. C. Schempp and Prof. Dr. W. Gehring observed that luteolin is able to protect human skin effectively. The dermatologists ascribe i the natural substance‘s outstanding protective effect to properties which are UV-absorbing, DNA-protecting, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and which protect the skin‘s extracellular matrix.1 In the repetitive washing test, the skin protection cream PROTEXSAN, which contains luteolin, showed a superior protective effect – also in comparison with other preparations. During the test‘s time frame, PROTEXSAN was the only product which even improved the hydration of the skin‘s horny layer.2


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