Skin-Friendly and Efficient

Up to now, it was believed that surfactants could provide either excellent cleansing power or outstanding skin compatibility, but not both. However, PGP was not satisfied with this assumption, and achieved a major breakthrough in the field of skin cleansing. In the course of a three-year project in cooperation with scientists of the University of Osnabrück, the PGP skin care experts developed a true novelty: a surfactant combination that is as effective as it is skin-friendly.

OptiTens® is powerful against dirt and offers best cleaning properties, but is very gentle to the skin.
The innovative surfactant combination protects the skin's natural lipids. As a result, the epidermis does not dry out and maintains its natural barrier function – even in case of frequent washing.

OptiTens® is breaking new ground by offering skin cleansers that completely remove even heavy and highly-adhesive dirt without exposing occupationally-stressed skin to undue damage. PGP has patented OptiTens®. The innovative surfactant combination is the basis for a new generation of PGP products offering significant benefits for occupational skin care.


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