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Model of an Integrated Operational Skin Care Programme

Healthy skin – safe work(places)
Efficient and effective prevention of occupational skin diseases

(product) efficiency

  • Skinfriendliness
  • Effectiveness

Operational Compliance


  • Cost of skin protection
  • Benefit of skin protection


  • Assignment of the product and hazards
  • Prevention of misapplications

User acceptance

  • Absorption of the product
  • Feeling of the skin
  • Fragrance
  • Colour

Information and service

  • Training of employees
  • Attitude of the users
  • Product availability

For the effective prevention of skin diseases it is not only sufficient to develop effective products which are well tolerated by the skin. Moreover, it is essential that occupational skin protection programmes are consequently implemented into everyday routine. Other important factors for higher operational compliance are the user’s acceptance of the products, the product availability and successful training measures. In the light of cost discussions held in every company, it is to be expected that the evaluation of the economic efficiency of skin protection programmes will gain increasing importance.

This comprehensive understanding of operational skin protection serves as basis for the continuous improvement of our products and services.