EU Ecolabel and BLUE ANGEL

Certifications like the EU Ecolabel and the German Ecolabel BLUE ANGEL classify skin cleansing agents as especially sustainable

In terms of environmental sustainability, the criteria of the voluntary ecolabels exceed the statutory provisions by far. Non-food products are mainly rated regarding use of raw and hazardous materials, water and power consumption as well as choice of packaging and its disposal. In Germany, the RAL gGmbH is responsible for assessing the products against the criteria set for it. The ecolabels can only be used if all criteria are fulfilled.


The EU Ecolabel shows a stylized flower with 12 stars surroundig the Greek letter “e“ for Europe. Therefore, the EU Ecolabel is called Euro Flower as well. The European Commission awards the popular label to those products and services having a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle. The EU Ecolabel is recognised in all EU member states as well as in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Turkey. Thus, the Euro Flower is a Europe-wide reference for consumers, willing to support a sustainable production and environmentally-friendly products.


Generally, the German Ecolabel BLUE ANGEL is mainly awarded to consumer goods. Cosmetic products, e.g. shampoos, soaps or shower gels can be awarded.

Our liquid skin cleanser ECOSAN, for example, was honoured with the BLUE ANGEL in 2017. For the very first time, a cosmetic rinse-off product was awareded the renowned German Ecolabel for particularly environmentally- and health-friendly articles.