Active Soft Pearls®

Innovation dirt‐removing agents

Active Soft Pearls® (ASP) are wax pearls made of hydrogenated castor oil, which are characterised by a soft and smooth surface. ASP do not support the cleansing process merely by mechanical rubbing like abrasives, but primarily by their lipophilic surface structure which is able to bind oily dirt particles. The skin cleansing products PHYSIODERM® ACTIVE PEARLS®, ACTIVE PEARLS® PLUS, IVRAXO® ACTIVE PEARLS and IVRAXO® ACTIVE PEARLS XTRA contain ASP.


“Castor wax beads constitute a novel non-irritating alternative for abrasive cleaning of recalcitrant oily skin contamination appropriate for individuals with an atopic skin diathesis […].”

Research by Prof. Dr. med. V. Mahler, dermatological clinic of the University of Erlangen The English version of the research has been published in the British Journal of Dermatology (BJD), Volume 162, Number 4, April 2010.

People who work with greases, oils, graphite, soot or other highly-adhesive substances usually have to clean their hands several times a day with hand cleansers for extreme dirt. Up to now, this has been a problem since effective hand cleansing had only been possible with products containing hard and sharp-edged scrubbing agents, such as sand, walnut shell powder, maize cob meal or plastic scrubbers. By the regular use of products which contain aggressive scrubbing agents, the horny layer of the skin is reduced.

This may lead to micro lesions and an increasing risk for contact allergies - even to abrasion dermatitis in extreme cases. In order to reduce the skin hazards mentioned above, many occupational dermatologists, occupational physicians and safety engineers recommend the use of hand cleansers without scrubbers. But as their cleansing power is insufficient in most cases, these products are normally less accepted by the users. However, Peter Greven Physioderm solves this dilemma with the help of its recently developed global novelty: the Active Soft Pearls® (ASP).